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I am the voice provider!

A message from Madelyn Commodore (aka Miss Mac)


I am the voice provider. A professional voice talent that offers voice services for you. I really shine when it comes to creative performance. 

In my voice over ability, I’ve been blessed to do many character voices, which I love. I am pleasant and fun to work with. I am locally based in Los Angeles, CA and am easily accessible.

I can make your life easier with my expertise, dedication and skill to any project or opportunity granted me. You’ll always get prompt, professional service. I can be the solution and a great asset for your, production, film, TV cartoons, commercial and broadcasting, promotional needs for various occasions, products, award ceremonies, banquets, private, birthday parties, let's just say entertainment etc.

In addition to voice over I offer other skills. For example, I am a TV commercial actress. I also write children's scripts/skits and songs. I do puppetry, prop/set designing and building.

I am an artist. I paint paper wall murals, paint on wood and canvas and so much more. I love art. I also love nature and taking pictures of nature, you can see some of my work in my published book titled "She Is Love" A Reflective Journal for Women. 



Here's What This Means To You!

  • You won't have to jump through hoops
  • I can be the voice you need
  • Female, male, teen, child or cartoon voice in English
  • Phone System service for your home, business/company
  • Broadcast for TV, Radio, and Internet
  • Animation, Cartoon, Audiobooks
  • Narration
  • Medical PSA
  • Corporate production PSA
  • Workshops/Seminars
  • TV
  • Film
  • Animated Films
  • Personal Voice Mail
  • And more!

You can't just show up! You have to be there 100%

i can't wait! I am so excited.

That's Voiceover was my most recent networking and workshop experience.

Not only was it a great opportunity. It was informative and exciting. I attained knowledge in areas I didn't know about, that also included knowledge that was a great benefit to gearing me with direction towards furthering my voice-over career, with opportunities that would help me to establish myself through several offered options, of workshops, coaching, recording studios, paying and volunteer jobs and opportunities.

I had the chance of meeting some extraordinary voice-over actors and actresses, who are extremely advanced in their graft as professional voice-over talent making a good living doing so.  There were several who committed themselves to this wonderful event by taking part as panelist willing to share their stories, success, highs, lows, challenges and the do's and don'ts within the entertainment arena of voice-over acting.  

It was an experience fulfilled. No regrets! Just lessons and the gift of making new contacts.