What's so special about doing voice-over? Everything!

Voice-over is a unique skill and is a talent I have always had a love and passion for since I was a child. I recognized my ability to do voice-over at the age of 7. I would mimic and speak to my sisters, brothers, cousins and close friends with character voices, and if they laughed, it was a validation to me that they like it, or it was good.

I love the sound of voices and the qualities emitted in the many ranges and styles. Yes! a style of voice, differ from one another, people have a speaking voice that is uniquely their own.  I especially gravitate toward the animated character voices, because they are distinct, some funny, some rich and uniquely different, character voices capture both children and adult audiences attention. Creating a character voice and the consistency of carrying the voice through a conversation is a craft.

I have been asked many times, how I remember the characters voice tones and sounds and to whom they belong while performing and speaking for two characters at one time. I have always had difficulty explaining this ability because it has always been something I could just do naturally. I didn't have to take a class, nor did I study, but Through sensitive listening and practicing the choice and use of volume, pitch, pace, and style your skills are developed. I taught my self. Of course, even having a natural ability to do something can always be refined and developed until it is mastered. 

I also think it’s a talent and skill that is difficult to teach, because it comes naturally to those who can do it. It doesn't matter how talented anyone is, they can always enhance their skills, talent, and refine their craft. You can learn voice projection,techniques and marketing to help.