Hear ye! Hear ye!

Do you know your hearing and memory are closely linked? It's also a holding tank for all those wonderful memories we attain in our lifetime.

Everyone has moments when they hear a sound, voice, or music that sparks up a memory reminding them of something or a situation from the past or present time, place or persons.

We remember this, and we remember that! We hear voices, sounds, and music in conjunction with one another, the sounds and voices are the orchestras of life.

Each person has a vocal tone to his or her voice they're remembered by, and we know to whom these voices we hear belong. Voice is unique and is a universal phenomenon that enriches our lives. The sound is a wave, vibration and energy moving through substances. The sound is produced when a force causes an object or substance to vibrate — the energy is transferred through the substance in a wave. Sound also has an effect on our emotions, whether it be positive or negative. Sound can be encouraging or discouraging, depending on how it is projected. There is a power in our voice.

We use voice to communicate, tell stories, laugh, encourage, inspire and to express ourselves. We also use our voice to sell, advertise, rejoice, sing, cry, pray, entertain, teach, minister, console, and comfort one another.

We use our voice as an instrument to exude what is in our heart and in our soul. Our voice is a gift from God. God has given us a voice as an instrument to contribute to the world wisely and for the good, it can give.

When the opportunity presents itself we must encourage the blessing of lifting our voice!