Voice-over by Madelyn Commodore.

Character Voice acting is when you play a role using your voice for a performance that is not visually seen with the hearer's eye's, but with His or her ears.  You must engage the audience with your voice,  it must sound believable, and evoke the hearer's emotions in ways that keep them interested and excited.  

Synopsis: Taylor and Taylor Investment Company. The receptionist office. Meet Zelda. She's the woman sitting next to the wall, slightly peeking, looking in your direction because she thinks Ms. Albright has called back. Yes you're looking at her as I describe her to you, and where she's sitting. Zelda quickly hangs up on Ms. Albright after saying goodbye. You know why, right? Well Ms. Albright began asking too many personal questions, so Zelda decided to get rid of her quickly.