• Foley Partner

    My Brother was my first Foley partner in crime. Childhood entertainers. We had a ball creating casset tapes filled with stories we created, acting out all the charater voices used, and we did all the sound affects. We enjoyed entertaining our, sister and brother, cousins and neighborhood friends, they were our audiance. And I muct say, we were pretty good at it, we'd have them launghing and falling on the floor.

The Way of a Foley Artist.


Jack Donovan Foley

Foley artists are named after Jack Foley (1891–1967), a pioneer of film sound effects. Jack Foley is credited with inventing the "art of Foley".

There are many stories in the film industry about Jack Foley's genius, such as the time Stanley Kubrick wanted to re-shoot a Roman army scene in Spartacus to get the sound right — instead Foley jangled a set of keys into a microphone and got the desired sound.

Jack Foley never received a single screen credit for his work, although to be fair, neither did most other film workers during this period. Today Foley artists receive the credit they deserve and Jack has the last laugh by having them all named after him.